Back to School Paperwork Resource: Meet the Teacher Pack

First Grade Classroom: Back to School Paperwork
When the back to school paperwork crazy time hits, I make sure that I am READY for my school’s sneak a peek night. I do what I can to get the back to school paperwork mountain tamed before school starts. I don’t want to start off sending paperwork home every single night.

That’s why I created my Meet the Teacher Pack. This resource has been an integral part of my back to school paperwork routine for 3 years. Read more

Animal Research Project in the Lower Grades

Each year in the spring, the teachers on my team do an animal research project. It’s how we kick off our animal unit and the kids just go crazy for it! When we walk into the computer lab and I tell them that they get to get on Pebble Go and explore- they lose their minds!  Read more

Four Ways to Maximize Your Cell Phone In the Classroom

The exponential growth of technology has made interactions a lot less personal. I often see friends sitting next to each other and simultaneously looking at their phones. Frequently my husband and I even spend time checking Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. I would say that in my personal life, my phone detracts from my relationships. However, below you will find 4 ways that your cell phone can actually help you in the classroom.

Back to School Paperwork Organization

Welcome to You Oughta Know! This is a fantastic blog hop hosted by the sweet Mrs. McClain over at Buzzing With Mrs. McClain about things that you “oughta know” for your classroom. Be sure to hop over to each person’s blog at the end of this post to get some fresh ideas!
This month I am telling you everything you need to know about getting all that back to school paperwork organized.

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Parent Teacher Association

Are you involved in your school’s PTA? I wasn’t my first few years, but this past year I decided to serve on the board. I have found that since I don’t have kids at my school AND since I don’t live in the community, serving on the PTA really helps build a bond with the families. I work really hard at the beginning of the year to build relationships with my kids and their parents and I’ve found that it becomes easier when you already know each other before the year even starts.

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Do You Instagram?

Do you use social media in your classroom? If not, I highly suggest using Instagram to get your feet wet! I started it this year and it is interactive, engaging, and {best of all!} easy.
I use Instagram to keep in real-time contact with my students’ parents. I love that when my students go home from school, if they are asked “What did you do at school today?”, they can’t say “Nothing” if there is a picture right there of what they did!

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