Four Ways to Maximize Your Cell Phone In the Classroom

The exponential growth of technology has made interactions a lot less personal. I often see friends sitting next to each other and simultaneously looking at their phones. Frequently my husband and I even spend time checking Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. I would say that in my personal life, my phone detracts from my relationships. However, below you will find 4 ways that your cell phone can actually help you in the classroom.

Mock Clock Faces {with a facelift}

I have gotten a lot of comments/questions/pins about this so I just wanted to dedicate a post to my mock clock faces!

My first year teaching, my kids kept hounding me and hounding me about when we go to lunch, when we go to recess, etc. So I came up with the idea to make some clocks with the times drawn on. After they were up for a few days, my kids actually stopped asking me. It was awesome! It definitely felt like a ‘win’ for a first year teacher. Read more

Classroom Schedule Linky Party

I have been out of the loop for a while because I have been so busy getting back into the swing of things and I’ve been really focusing on eating healthy and going to the gym. Top that off with having family in from out of town and there was NO time for blogging!
But I am back today and I am linking up with Amelia at Where the Wild Things Learn to show you my classroom schedule.

Read more