Fostering Collaboration in the Classroom During Back to School (Freebie)

One thing I am striving for with my recent move to 3rd grade is to foster and encourage collaboration in my classroom. I see time and time again students who don’t know how to work together or how to be respectful towards their peers!

Our students HAVE to be able to agree, disagree, collaborate, cooperate, and work as a team. They can’t do that if we don’t show them how! The cards below will help you do this starting on day 1 of your school year.

Being in a new grade level, however, I know I have to take baby steps or else it won’t work for me. I created these job collaboration cards to make sure my kids are held accountable for their group work.

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Spring Break Writing (Freebie)


Hello my long lost teacher friends! I have been SO busy that I have not been able to blog in months. Too much RTI, PLC, DRA, PDAS, etc etc. I know you can relate!! :)

I’m on Spring Break this week and so I am here to share a Spring Break Writing FREEBIE with you! I used this last year and I will be using it next week, too.

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Spread the Joy: A Holiday Note Template (Freebie)

This little ole’ blog has sure seen some tumbleweeds the couple of months. I’ve been a little busy teaching routines and wrangling six year olds and making sure no one got lost and tying shoes and OH YEAH, teaching!

I’m sure you can relate.

So now here it is, the most wonderful time of the year.

Cue the carols. And the holiday treats!

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