Animal Research Project in the Lower Grades

Each year in the spring, the teachers on my team do an animal research project. It’s how we kick off our animal unit and the kids just go crazy for it! When we walk into the computer lab and I tell them that they get to get on Pebble Go and explore- they lose their minds!  Read more

Book Clubs in 1st Grade

I am here today to tell you all about how I help my advanced readers to dig deeper into books independently!
I have a small group of about 4 kiddos who have consistently been reading above grade level all year. They cam to me already proficient at decoding and reading for meaning. In January, I decided it would be a great time to get them started in a little book club. (This is just what I call it because it’s easy for my kids to understand the terminology. And they were super excited about it being a ‘club’. You can call it anything you want to! Book club, literacy circle, literacy club, book talk, etc.)

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Sunday Scoop and other FUN things for you!

Happy Sunday! I recently discovered the super cute blog The Teaching Trio and fell in love! They are hosting a NEW linky party every Sunday called “The Sunday Scoop” and y’all, I think this might actually be something I can commit to on a weekly basis!! Most other linky parties aren’t good timing for me or they are way too involved and stress me out! This one was SO easy and I did it in like 5 minutes.

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Cool School Video Network

Welcome to You Oughta Know! This is a fantastic link uphosted by the sweet Mrs. McClain over at Buzzing With Mrs. McClain about things that you “oughta know” for your classroom. Be sure to hop over to each person’s blog at the end of this post to get some fresh ideas!

I think that you oughta know about Cool School! Have you heard of it?

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Buddy Reading Task Cards

Buddy Reading Task Cards
If you have purchased my Buddy Reading Task Cards, make sure you go and re-download! I have added a ton of new questions for fiction and also added a non-fiction set. I was so excited to re-introduce these in my classroom and my kids were even more excited to have new questions to ask their friends! :)

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Reading Homework- the easy way!

How do you assign reading homework?
I have tried multiple ways. I have sent home paper books that the students keep along with comprehension worksheets. I spent hours of my time making copies of leveled books so that kids would have just right books. I then had to fold and staple each book. You can see why that got old. I have sent home actual books from our book room. The kids had a book bag that they were responsible for taking home each night and reading. I had a few books get lost and a few kids who never remembered to take their book home, so that wasn’t working for me either.

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