Book Clubs in 1st Grade

I am here today to tell you all about how I help my advanced readers to dig deeper into books independently!
I have a small group of about 4 kiddos who have consistently been reading above grade level all year. They cam to me already proficient at decoding and reading for meaning. In January, I decided it would be a great time to get them started in a little book club. (This is just what I call it because it’s easy for my kids to understand the terminology. And they were super excited about it being a ‘club’. You can call it anything you want to! Book club, literacy circle, literacy club, book talk, etc.)

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Guided Reading

During Guided Reading, how do you keep your other kiddos from coming up to you?

I wear this pretty little princess crown to give them a visual reminder that I am not to be bothered. The first day I whipped it out, we had a chat about how when someone is working with me it is very important and that we really can’t be interrupted.

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