Guided Reading

During Guided Reading, how do you keep your other kiddos from coming up to you?

I wear this pretty little princess crown to give them a visual reminder that I am not to be bothered. The first day I whipped it out, we had a chat about how when someone is working with me it is very important and that we really can’t be interrupted.

Then we discussed as a class things that it would be ok to tell me about even when I’m wearing the crown- such as someone being badly injured, there being an emergency happening somewhere inside or outside of the school (I have a window and exterior door that faces the drive thru/drop off area of our school that the kids can see out of when they are in our classroom library), etc. We talked about how a paper cut would not be a reason to come interrupt, but so-and-so who has epilepsy having a seizure is a definite reason to come over.
The kids love when I wear it and it really helps to give them a visual. If someone does come up to me and I know it isn’t emergency, I just point to my crown without making eye contact.
On a sidenote, we have a hand signal for the bathroom that the kids use all the time, not just during Daily 5, so I will give them a nod if I think they really have to go and aren’t just trying to get out of their station.

Also, similar to the Sub Tub (more on that here), I have a Guided Reading tub. I keep books, papers, post its, note cards, templates, markers, pens, a timer, magnetic letters, dry erase boards, and anything else I need all in one place so that I don’t waste any time when I have those kiddos at my table. As a first year teacher who is still trying to figure GR out, it really helps me to stay on task.
I hope this information helps you in your quest for a Guided Reading session with your students!

2 thoughts on “Guided Reading

  1. I really love how you incorporate the tiara! I am so stealing that. I was always trying to figure out how to be a princess at work as well ;o) I am a new follower. Follow me if you don't already.
    Peace, Mel D
    Oh the Places We’ll Go

  2. Love the tiara idea! I talk to my kiddos about going to the doctor- that when we get there, we don't just throw open the door and start talking to the doctor about our issue. Instead, we wait our turn! I explain that, just like a doctor helps his/her patients feel better, I help my students read (write, spell, compute…) better. It seems to have worked pretty well this year- your tiara makes me think that I may add a toy stethoscope next year as a visual reminder!

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