Literacy Stations

How do your kiddos rotate when you are doing reading groups? Do they have a number of jobs they are supposed to complete each day or do you let them know when it is time to switch? What kinds of stations do you use?

I use the Daily 5 format, but I replaced Read to Someone with Seatwork. My kids just can’t seem to handle Reading to Someone because they are pretty chatty. Frequently I will use Seatwork for something they have to complete based on a group lesson.
Below you see a spreadsheet of the rotations my kids do during our Daily 5/Guided Reading time. I do not have my groups formed based on reading level, they are just spread out with different levels in the same group.
I don’t have them coming to me as a rotation because I call over the kids I need for each rotation.
Click the picture to download my spreadsheet! :)


One thought on “Literacy Stations

  1. Like your guided reading sheet–thanks for posting
    Check my blog and see if you can find anything you can use..Thanks

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