Reading Homework- the easy way!

How do you assign reading homework?
I have tried multiple ways. I have sent home paper books that the students keep along with comprehension worksheets. I spent hours of my time making copies of leveled books so that kids would have just right books. I then had to fold and staple each book. You can see why that got old. I have sent home actual books from our book room. The kids had a book bag that they were responsible for taking home each night and reading. I had a few books get lost and a few kids who never remembered to take their book home, so that wasn’t working for me either.

Recently, my teammate (aka the other half of my brain) and I discovered RAZ-Kids. Have you ever heard of it? It’s an awesome website where students have access to tons of books on their level at home! I simply assign a level, give them their specific username and password (which are extremely easy to remember!) and then they start reading. I can track their progress from any computer with internet, and I can even send each student a note or award them points to spend in an arcade.
There are a bunch of books for them to read and *BONUS* take a quiz over! There is also an option for the students to listen to the story as well. So far, my kids are loving it! And it is SO EASY for me!

This is what I see when I log in. I can change the date range to the past day, 7 days, all time, etc. I can track exactly what my kids are doing and when they do it.
This is what I see when I click on a specific student’s report. It tells me everything they did while they were logged in. If I click on the quizzes, it will then show me what questions they missed.
This is what it looks like when students log in. However, there are 23 books total for each level. But as you can see, it is very easy for young students to maneuver. There is an icon under each book for them to listen, read, and take a quiz. If you are able to get a subscription to RAZ-Kids, I highly suggest it. It makes my life SO easy!
 I have one student who doesn’t have a computer at home, so I send home paper books and quizzes for him.
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