The Other Half of My Brain

Do you have a teammate or teacher friend with whom you share a brain? I sure do! This post is all about my teammate, Amber. She recently went out of town for a week (how dare she?!) and I was a wreck. We always joke that we share a brain, and I really think that we function so much better together. She and I plan together every week and our classes also get along very well. I think the best part is that she and I are actually friends as well as coworkers. We can gab about our personal lives and go have a drink after school. We hang out during the summer. She will sometimes call me as I’m walking in the door and my husband will roll his eyes because I “just left her!” (as if we have time to actually talk at school!).

Here are a few things about the other half of my brain:
Years teaching together: 4 years
Best quality: She is very relaxed. She does not get flustered by much and she always knows what to say to parents!
Why we work as teammates: She is a veteran teacher with 14 years under her belt and I’m very into TpT/blogging. We both bring different talents to the table.
Leave me a comment telling me about a teammate/teacher friend that keeps you SANE!