Using Table Captains to Manage Supplies and Responsibilities

You Oughta Know About…. Table Captains
Have you ever had kids who fight over who is going to be the one to bring you the papers or who is going to come get supplies? How about when your students table buckets are all messy and crazy and your glue bottles are open? All of the above drives me bonkers, so a while back I introduced Table Captains.

The table captain for the week is in charge of turning things in, getting supplies, making sure tables are cleaned up, and closing the glue bottles. My kids take it SO seriously! It saves me a lot of headaches and wasted glue. If a student isn’t on task or being a good citizen, they lose their turn as Table Captain. I put this cute little cone from the Dollar Tree on their desk when they are the Table Captain and then each Friday we rotate to the next person. However, if someone loses their turn, then it rotates to the next person. Everyone wants to be Table Captain… it has to be because of the fancy title and the fun cone! :)
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8 thoughts on “Using Table Captains to Manage Supplies and Responsibilities

  1. I use this strategy also, but we call them group leaders. They have a small bird dye-cut on their nameplates instead of that adorable cone. My 5th graders also take this responsibility very seriously. It's hilarious to hear them explaining their responsibilities to friends at recess!

  2. I love this idea. I have the cones but have not been using them for anything yet. This might be just what I need to do with them. My first graders have the same problem too. I am glad I stopped by. I am now your newest follower. I hope you will check out my blog in the hop and perhaps follow me too. :)

    Hanging Around In Primary

  3. <3 having table captains! I always make sure my students "apply" for the position and pick the ones that convinced me the most (even though I already know which kid deserves to have the position because of their work ethic and leadership skills). ;)

    A LoveLi Class

  4. Great idea, thanks for sharing and discussing about this here. If you pick one as leader based on their performance it will make students to wake up and do good work to get into leadership next. I have find this website by accidentally. Great work!

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