Classroom Setup Update

Hi friends! I hope that your week back to school has gone very well. I have enjoyed seeing my kids and reorganizing my classroom. I had the idea that I really wanted to see what my fellow teacher’s classrooms looked like in January. Check out my current classroom below… it isn’t as pretty as in August, but it sure is where a ton of learning & laughing happen!! :)

Here are some photos of the current state of my classroom that have changed some since the beginning of the year:
My Teacher Table (instead of a desk… I shoved too much when I had a desk!)
A close up of my organizing drawers
Weekly and Task drawers that are underneath my table… along with my amazing mustache treasure chest
small group materials
Library/Book Boxes
Word wall/Alphabet
Student work display in a more prominent spot than it was before
Writing table
I have friends who have to sit alone, there are errors on the anchor charts, there is trash on the floor, the pillows need to be fluffed, but I just love spending my days in this classroom with my 20 little friends!!
Thanks for watching! Let me know if you have any questions about anything you see! :)

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