Tips and Tricks for Teachers (Freebie)

Hello friends! I am linking up with my friend Becca from Foxwell Forest to bring you some Tips & Tricks for Teachers!
My trick for you today is about storage and organization. I use those giant Sterilite bins above my lockers to store all the stuff that I don’t use all the time or that I just flat out don’t know what to do with! My room doesn’t have a whole lot of useful storage. I use these bins for everything at school AND at home. When we moved, I didn’t buy cardboard, I bought bins! :) I love them… it might be a bit unhealthy how much bins make me happy!!! LOL!

In the past, I’ve made labels for my bins and in some cases (eek!) I just wrote in marker ON the bin. I’m not sure what I was thinking doing that…
I also sometimes threw things into bins without paying attention and then when I went to go look for it… dun dun dun… I wasted about 30 minutes pulling each one down and searching through it!
After about the 5th label change on some of my bins, I had an epiphany!
I decided I would number my bins….
and then just create a key for what was in them.
I did this in December and WOWZA!! It has already been a lifesaver! :)
When we had indoor recess I knew RIGHT where the puzzles were, and when I was searching for a specific basket for my library, I went right to bin #7!
And I have a BONUS surprise for you… click here and here to download the contents key and the large number labels! :)
Also, check back on Saturday for a huge Texas Teacher Blogger linky and giveaway I’m participating in!

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  1. I LOVE bins too Cassie!! Some girls have shoes….I have bins! Ha! :) I wish my classroom had space for me to have bins like that!! What a great idea to label them with numbers and have a master list! Such a great tip and with freebies too–a girl after my own heart! Thanks so much for linking up friend!

    Foxwell Forest

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