8 thoughts on “Classroom Furniture Additions

  1. I have a similar set of drawers on wheels that I use for planning my small groups. I use one drawer for each day, and then have Friday's progress monitoring in a different bucket.
    The trunk is super cute, and I am thinking maybe it has a place in your library either as a seat, or a kind of treasure box full of special books!

  2. I love those drawers! I was thinking that they would be perfect for keeping either my math centers or some word work things! I think that the trunk would have to be used as my treasure my box! I would keep my behavior management coupons in there or my special birthday treats!

  3. I just bought a Zebra print cart like that for my room and am still trying to figure out what to use it for. I have bins for MATH centers but I Iike whomever suggested putting guided reading stuff in it. Love your site :-)

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