Teacher Totes

Hey everyone! I am linking up with my friend Jen over at Teacher By The Beach for a Teacher Tote linky party!

I used to have a 31 Utility Tote.
It was AWESOME because it held SO much and I loved all the pockets. Until… the first time I dumped over in the school parking lot. At that point, I said “NU-UH” and “SEE YA!” to that bag. I still carry it occasionally for other things, but it is not my every day bag.
Then I migrated over to Vera Bradley. I looooved me some Vera. It took me a week to decide on the right print and size. I carried the East West Tote in Summer Cottage for a long while.
She was good to me. Because she was smaller than the 31 Utility Tote and had minimal pockets, I never dumped her over in the parking lot at school!
This summer, I went to New Orleans for a conference and picked up this cutie at a random store on Bourbon Street. It called my name and begged me to buy it.
I mean come on, a teacher with a bus bag? I couldn’t resist!
Remind me to tell you about the time I was Miss Frizzle for Halloween. I’m thinkin this bag will be perfect for me to reprise my role this year! :)
Go link up with Jen and show us your teacher tote!! Oh… and in case you don’t already follow me on facebook, you really should!


3 thoughts on “Teacher Totes

  1. I carry the 31 bag too and LOVE all the pockets. I don't like that it doesn't hold it's shape. I'm thinking I want something new for this year, but I'm not sure what.

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