Teacher’s Transition Toolbox

I’ve been working on a new product and was finally able to debut it in my classroom this week!
There are 41 different math skill cards and I printed them on blue cardstock. Then, I hole-punched the cards and put them on a binder ring… now I can just grab them and take them with me anywhere!

We can easily practice math skills on the fly- at restroom breaks, on the way to lunch, even when the kids are gathering on the carpet. You could also use these as a ‘password’ for students to get out the door.
They love it! I even saw some of my movers and shakers getting cleaned up quickly or hurrying in the bathroom because they wanted to get to answer a question. The questions are mostly open-ended and can have a variety of answers. I pick one student and have them tell me an answer to the card I choose.
Click the picture below to head over to my TpT store to snag !

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