Five for Friday- actually on Friday!

Today I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday– and it is actually Friday! I feel so productive! :)

We started on measurement this week and with the help of Kindergarten Kindergarten I was able to really get my kiddos attention with this activity at the beginning of the week. It’s funny how something as simple as lining up objects in order of length was so much fun for them! They thought it was the coolest.  We also did a journal activity with ordering objects from shortest to longest.
Like a lot of you, we’ve been learning about penguins. Even though I’m sure my kids studied penguins in Kinder, they still love learning about penguins. Here is what we worked on Tuesday after watching Pebble Go about Adelie penguins. I was so proud of the facts they remembered!
“They make a nest out of rocks.”
 “They are 28 inches tall and they eat fish.”
 “They live in Antarctica.”
 “Adelie penguins take turns taking care of the egg.”
 “They use their wings as flippers.”
 I have a sweet little guy who is still struggling with CVC words, so I am having him use this little CVC pack I made a while back. He worked on it during Word Work and it is really helping solidify CVC words.

The past few weeks, we have been using some 3 part picture cards to help our kids write fictional stories. Something clicked and I am SO happy with the writing they did on Thursday.


I’m doing Painting with a Twist tonight with a bunch of people from school and I am SO excited! It is turning out to be the perfect week for it since it has kind of been a rough week. I look forward to dinner and fun with some amazing coworkers. Here is what we are painting:

If you’ve never done PWAT- it’s so awesome! Try it!
Wine + painting + friends = a GREAT way to end the week
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