Classroom Recap (Freebie)

So, I haven’t blogged in a few weeks because I really didn’t have anything to blog about… I have a serious case of writer’s blogger’s block. Does anyone else ever feel that way? I haven’t felt inspired to create any new products or to write a post that other people will read. I’ve just been truckin along in my room, staying busy with my class. (Have I mentioned how much I love my class this year? Because I do.)
Basically this post is a photo dump of some things we’ve been learning about the past 2 weeks. Enjoy!

We’ve been working on the ‘Counting On’ strategy in math. As a fun review, I gave my kids this corn sheet and a number cube and a dot cube. They had to roll the 2 cubes, count on to find the total, and then color according to a key I posted on the document camera. They really loved it and I think it helped to solidify this strategy for some of my sweet firsties!
Here are some of my precious girls sharing their thankful plates. I found this idea on Sarah Cooley’s blog, First Grader…. At Last! and I just HAD to incorporate it into our discussion about being thankful! :) They loved doing it.
First I had them do the project at home so they could talk with their parents about specific things they have to be thankful for.
Then, we read a few different books about being thankful.
 After a little more discussion about all the things we have to be thankful for, I modeled writing what I was thankful for and then the kids got started on their writing. I really modeled and talked about how it shouldn’t just be a list of things, that they should tell why they are thankful for certain things. I think they did a great job and I was pleased with most of their writing!
 I read a couple of super cute books about turkeys trying to hide from farmers.
 In Turkey Trouble, the turkey disguises himself as a bunch of different farm animals, and in Run Turkey Run, the turkey hides in different places on the farm.
After reading, I gave the kids a turkey printout and they had to ‘disguise’ their turkey. I was super impressed by all of the creative ways they chose to hide their turkeys.
See if you can guess what they are! :)
 Hubby guessed them all correctly, I was so proud!
They are: a ballerina, a baseball player (do you see the crowd behind him?), a cheetah, a tiger, and (my favorite!) a bee. How’d you do?
We also had a butterfly, a ninja, a bush, a book, a lion, an astronaut, and a princess. I’d say they liked it! :)
We also completed a fun turkey glyph. This was the first glyph we’ve done this year and they thought it was so cool! I actually had them complete a survey first so that they couldn’t change their answers when I was handing out the different parts of the turkey.

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 We’ve also been studying and learning about magnets. Here is a freebie magnet experiment sheet just for you!

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And lastly, everything turkey and Thanksgiving went home with my kids yesterday and now the hallway and doors are ready for December!
Whew… that was just about the longest post ever! Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!