Show Me Your Nest Linky Party & Giveaway

Mrs. Farley over at Oh’ Boy 3rd Grade! is hosting a link party and giveaway! You could win an adorable Vera Bradley change purse!Here is my NEST :) I love it. And that Sonic drink is an integral part of my nest almost every day! :)

My weekly organizers. Mon-Fri plus a drawer for the next week.
Guided Reading materials.

Trays for commonly used papers in my first grade classroom!

Cute basket for my markers, crayons, etc., pencil sharpener, Scentsy warmer (I couldn’t live without it!), fan, fridge, and iPod dock. All the essentials!
My desk. I made that lamp and I am SO proud of it! :) Plus a bear (we are the Cubs) from FAO Schwartz when I went to NYC in December.

My treasure chest, full of odds and ends, pencils, stickers, etc.

Bookshelf complete with a leopard curtain. :) (even the totally organized need a place to hide certain things!)

1. My nest is (almost) always this organized. I love to organize and I CAN’T leave for the day if I have things piled every where. Self diagnosed OCD.
2. I love the area I have to the left of where I sit for guided reading groups. I have a lot of built in shelves right there for me to have everything stored.
The BAD:
1. I still haven’t figured out where exactly I want that small filing cabinet. If I move it in either direction, the space is too small to walk through, and it just bothers me.
1. That TABLE!! My school was out of kidney tables when I showed up, so I have to wait for someone to retire b/c you KNOW someone won’t give one of those up on their own free will! Luckily, two people on my team will be retiring this year, so I get one of theirs. YAY!
Overall, I love my area. It is pretty much just the way I want it! :)
Don’t forget to join the party and post your pictures of your nest!

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