Classroom Photo Linky Party (part 2!)

I went up to my room today to drop off some things and I took some more pictures. I love working in my room because I think I am finally getting things the way I want them (although I just know I will always be moving things around, it is just how I am!)

Here is my presentation station: a doc camera, a projecter, and a laptop.
This is something I’ve been searching for for a while. I wanted a stool to sit on while I was at my doc camera because the cart is about chest high. I found this one at Big Lots on clearance for $28 and it was a little expensive for me, but I really really wanted it. Turns out it was $28 for a pair of stools, buuuuuut they only had one- so I got it for $14!! The absolute HIGHLIGHT of my day today! :) So, of course, I just HAD to get the adorable cushion to go on top. These are my random reward pencils for my kids. I’m a pencil fiend and love scooping them up at Target, Dollar Tree, Big Lots, wherever! I have them sharpened so it’s just a nice reward for my kiddos. That cute corner you see next to it is a box from Hobby Lobby where I house my stamps/ink for stamping their calendars every morning.

My turn in tray. The monkey is actually a coin bank from the dollar aisle at Target and I just glued the clothespin to make a sign holder.

Math manipulatives.

Student computers

One of my two library shelves for the kids to browse. One of the jobs I give to kids each day is Librarian- so it is that person’s job to make it look like this at the end of each day. I started that about 3 weeks ago and it is very helpful- I haven’t had to straighten it since!

Comfy cushions for Read to Self for $12 each at Big Lots.

I LOVE my library area. It is by far my fave area. I love to read so I really wanted to dedicate a great spot to reading so my kids would love it too.

Stuffed animals used as reading buddies.
A little workstation with a lamp. Used during Word Work and Work on Writing.
All of my Daily 5 materials. I love to organize and label!
I get comments about this a lot. At the beginning of the year I got really tired of the kids asking me when lunch was, so I made 3 mock clocks showing what it would look like when it was time for us to go somewhere. It immediately nipped it in the bud!
Our daily schedule with analog and digital times.
I added some pillows to my listening center.

Mailboxes and home folder tub. They put their folders in there when they come in each morning. I also put papers that need to be passed back next to the mailboxes and the designated ‘paper passer’ passes them out when they are done with their work. Weekly objectives. I’m lucky I don’t have to post TEKS or complete sentences. This is an easy way to keep up with our objectives for the week.

Thank you so much for looking!


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  1. I LOVE your clock idea to! You are a genius! I've taught for 29 year in K & never thought of that! Thanks for sharing!

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