Authority Figures in First Grade

Authority Figures in First Grade

Hello everyone! Summer is totally winding down for me and I think I’m actually OK with it… EEK! :) Don’t tell anyone!

My teammate and I have met up a few times this summer to plan for the first 3 weeks of school. We also made all of our copies for the first couple of weeks as well!! We had never done that before- we’d always waited until the day after our school’s sneak a peek and then scrambled and crammed in our planning with 2 days til school started! It feels awesome!

One of the first things we have to teach about in social studies is Authority Figures at home, at school, and in the community. I looked back at what we had done the past few years and then I hopped on Pinterest to see what else was out there. I found a few things but not a whole lot, so I got busy putting this together. Read more

Peek At My Week- President’s Day (Freebie)

This week is jam-packed and short! We were off Monday and I am DRA testing on Wednesday, so that leaves only 3 teaching days. Friday is also an assembly day and the last day of the 6 weeks, so I’ll be scrambling to get grades in. I don’t really have time to do the fancy visual plans with all the pictures and links, so I’m just going to give you an overview! :)
We’ll be using a few different resources to learn all about President’s Day.
Here is an ABC order freebie that I made.
Click the pictures to check it out in my TpT store.
First Grade Classroom: President's Day Freebie

First Grade Classroom: President's Day Freebie
Here is a hat we will be making about our George Washington facts.

(these pics are from a few years ago)

I hope you have a fantastic week! Thanks for stopping by to read this short and sweet peek at my week.