Plans for 2nd Week of 1st Grade (Freebie)

Is anyone else exhausted? This was my first week back with kids and seriously… I’m pretty sure that I block that out every year or else I wouldn’t be able to come back!

My back, my feet, my legs, my head, my throat, even my ears!
The good thing is that I am loving my class already! I have some SUPER sweet kids this year. And the parents are AWESOME! I always put a LOT of effort into creating a relationship with my parents at the beginning of the year, and it really pays off the rest of the year. This year is already going great for that! :)
Today I am linking up my visual lesson plans with Mrs. Wills’ Kindergarten and I am showing you a Peek At My Week!
This is just a very basic overview of our topics for the week. I will (hopefully) be doing a lot more than this, but you all know how the first few weeks of school with first graders go! I am still going over classroom rules and procedures, I am introducing Daily 5 and BUILD, and I am assessing my babies to see what they held on to over the summer.
Click the image to go to my Google Drive where you can download the image with clickable links.
Also, there is a fun Science activity that I am using on Thursday and Friday that you can have for free! Just click the picture below to download it from my store. Enjoy!
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