This week is BONKERS!

And by ‘this week’ I mean… my KIDS are BONKERS! Is anyone else having this issue this week? They must be eating leftover candy for breakfast or something… maybe it’s the time change? Aaaand possibly the fact that we didn’t go outside for two whole days.
After having a large slice of leftover birthday cake for dinner, I’m really hoping the children aren’t so restless (aka bonkers) tomorrow.
I am linking up with Susan at TGIF with a look at my weekly schedule. I’ll tell you one thing, it doesn’t look like this this week! :)
I am super fortunate to not have lunch duty… our school hires lunchroom monitors…. bless ’em! Cafeteria duty is tough.
Our kiddos go to a 50 minute specials time and that’s when our conference period is. However, computer lab and library are not built in to our specials rotation. We don’t have a computer teacher, so I am responsible for that. We are also expected to sit in during the library lesson with our kids.
Luckily, our principal only asks for 3 teachers to be on recess duty at a time, and so with 5 teachers, that’s an easy schedule to work out. Every one goes out 3x a week and is off 2x a week.
*Of course, I did not put restroom breaks on my schedule, but we do take them. Normally 3-4 a day. I’d rather us all go at once so I don’t have to worry about someone missing instruction. My kiddos can go at other times, but I like taking whole class breaks.
I’m uber jealous of some of you that have built in staff development each week! I love that idea. I wish our district would do something like that even just once a 6 weeks.
Well, thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a great Thursday!