Daily Math Calendar Pages UPDATED

I have recently updated my daily calendar pages that my kids use for morning work. This was one of the first items I put on TpT and I’ve already learned so much about creating in the past 2 and half months- I figured they could use a facelift!

Click the pictures below to go to my TpT store to check them out.
Here are my kiddos working on them for morning work. They keep these folders in their desks and I put about 4 weeks worth of pages in there.
We then check them altogether in the afternoon when my math block starts. After a few days, they totally get the hang of it and it really helps to reinforce those daily skills that they need lots of repetition with.
 This is my calendar board. Later in the year I will add “Today’s Money” and “Today’s Time” and those will also be added to their pages. I try to only change 1 thing on the page at a time so that they can still feel confident and successful doing this independently.
What do your kids do for morning work? Do they need your assistance or are you able to get your housekeeping tasks taken care of while they do morning work?

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