First Grade Morning Routines (Freebie)

First off, I have had one crazy weekend! I went to the ER on Saturday morning because of some severe abdominal pain and then I ended up having my gall bladder removed on Sunday afternoon! I’ve never had surgery before so I was a little nervous, but everything ended up going well and I am now back at home recovering. Unfortunately, I am out the whole week! So, what else is there to do besides catch up on my blogging? Here is a post I’ve had planned for a while and finally had time to type. Enjoy!

What are the morning routines in your classroom?
The first 30 minutes of the day can be very hectic. Taking attendance, checking folders, greeting students, listening to announcements, lunch count, homework, backpacks… it could go on and on!
I like to keep my students very independent in the morning. Here is a play-by-play of what they do and what I do every morning.
First, students come in and make their lunch choice. This completes 2 tasks- lunch choice and attendance. (More on that here)
First Grade Morning Routines
Next, students go over to their lockers and put their take home binder in the bucket on my desk.
First Grade Morning RoutinesFirst Grade Morning Routines
After unpacking, the kiddos go to their desks and start their morning work. When they finish with that, they work from their work folders (where they put stuff when they aren’t finished) and then they can read to self/shop for books on their day.
First Grade Morning Routines
First Grade Morning Routines
I am checking the binders as I get them. I stamp their calendar from the day before and check for any notes from home. Then, I pass the binders back to the students for them to keep in their desks.
What is your morning routine like? How do you keep it from being hectic? I’d love to know!
Also, in honor of my being out for the whole week, I have added a new freebie to my TpT store. Click the image below to check it out!
Taking Notes Freebie