How I Met My Honey LINKY PARTY

Chrissy over at Buzzing With Ms. B. is having a linky party! And I can’t pass up a good party :)
I was 20 years old and a junior in college. I had decided to join a local gym that had just opened by my house. My mom and I went in to get a tour and memberships.

We signed up and got a free personal training consultation. The trainer that I had was SUPER cute. Too bad I wasn’t at the time. I’m pretty sure my hair needed to be washed, I had on NO makeup, and I was wearing my glasses. He put me through a short workout and then we went to a trainer’s desk to talk.

We small talked and chatted for about 20 minutes. I told him that I worked at a restaurant nearby and that I was in school, etc. I honestly don’t remember one thing he said because I was way too busy being shocked by his flirtation with me. He was just so cute!

About a week later, I went out with some friends and probably had some adult beverages. I got home and got on facebook and boldly sent the cute trainer a message with my phone number. I thought “Who cares? If he wasn’t interested, he seemed nice enough that I shouldn’t be embarrassed!”

The next day, I got a text message saying “If you can guess who this is, I’ll give you a free training session!” How adorbs is that?!

We text back and forth a little bit, and he asked me to go to his friends party that weekend. Of course I said yes.

I showed up at the apartment where the party was and there was about 3 people there. I immediately gave him a hard time about the ‘party’, but we both didn’t care- we knew that we were so totally into each other. :)
I knew then that this was something special. <3
He took me on our first official date a few days later.
He asked me to be his girlfriend a few days after that and we’ve been inseparable ever since.
We got engaged a year after dating and married 6 months after that.
Going on 2 and a half years of marriage. I love that man!

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  1. Your classroom is absolutely adorable and so is your story of you and your husband! Was searching pintrest for classroom ideas and was guided to your blog. Too cute and so creative. Cheers to you! Keep it up.

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