Teacher Happiness Tips

I’m sure you’ve seen all the different memes on Facebook and Instagram about ways to be happier and ways to live a better life. I believe that teachers especially need to be sure we are happy with our lives and our jobs. I always tell my husband that if I don’t <3 LOVE <3 what I do anymore, I really shouldn’t do it. If there ever comes a day when I don’t WANT to go to work (more than just the usual Monday blues), that I don’t need to do it anymore. If there ever comes an August where I’m not excited to put my room back together and I’m not eager to meet my new students, I should just throw in the towel and hang up my whistle.  I love my job and I’ll do what it takes to make sure it stays that way!!

Here are a few tips that I have for anyone who wants to reset how they feel. Read more