Digital Classroom Layout

First Grade Classroom: Digital Classroom Layout
Have you ever planned the arrangement of your room digitally with a Digital Classroom Layout?
Guess what, friends?! I am here today to make your life EASIER!
 Do you spend your first day of pre-planning moving your furniture around trying to figure out what setup is going to work for you? How about if you are a little ADD and get tired of looking at the same thing all year long?
Well… I am pretty much both of those people! But, I have decided that I need to work SMARTER, not harder.

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Organizing the Chaos

Hello teachers! Who doesn’t love the look and feel of a freshly organized space? I’m sure most of us do, but that doesn’t make it easy to get it started! And I am terrible about organizing things but then NOT keeping up with it. My fellow teachers will frequently stop by my room and comment on the organization and systems I have in place. I’m by no means an expert, but I do know what works for me. So I’m here today with some organization tips and tricks to get you going for the new year!

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Teacher Happiness Tips

I’m sure you’ve seen all the different memes on Facebook and Instagram about ways to be happier and ways to live a better life. I believe that teachers especially need to be sure we are happy with our lives and our jobs. I always tell my husband that if I don’t <3 LOVE <3 what I do anymore, I really shouldn’t do it. If there ever comes a day when I don’t WANT to go to work (more than just the usual Monday blues), that I don’t need to do it anymore. If there ever comes an August where I’m not excited to put my room back together and I’m not eager to meet my new students, I should just throw in the towel and hang up my whistle.  I love my job and I’ll do what it takes to make sure it stays that way!!

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