13 Tools A Teacher Needs… Now!

I have talked to numerous teachers to find out what they think every teacher should have. These teachers teach all over the US, have various levels of experience, and teach in a range of SES schools. It was fun talking to all kinds of teachers and seeing the things that they all had in common as far as necessities go!

Some of the things on this list are more student geared, but a lot of them are seriously sanity-savers for us teachers!

Here are the top 13 tools of the teaching trade that you should definitely have in your classroom!

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4 Things Parents Need To Know (About Teachers)

I recently read an article about 10 things teachers want to say to parents, but can’t. It inspired me to write 4 things that teachers can say to parents. I believe that an open and honest relationship with parents is key. A good rapport between parents and teachers is one of the most important parts of a student’s education. Here are 4 things that I’d like parents to know about me as a teacher.

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Authority Figures in First Grade

Authority Figures in First Grade

Hello everyone! Summer is totally winding down for me and I think I’m actually OK with it… EEK! :) Don’t tell anyone!

My teammate and I have met up a few times this summer to plan for the first 3 weeks of school. We also made all of our copies for the first couple of weeks as well!!We had never done that before- we’d always waited until the day after our school’s sneak a peek and then scrambled and crammed in our planning with 2 days til school started! It feels awesome!

One of the first things we have to teach about in social studies is Authority Figures at home, at school, and in the community. I looked back at what we had done the past few years and then I hopped on Pinterest to see what else was out there. I found a few things but not a whole lot, so I got busy putting this together. Read more

Firstie Friends Back to School Giveaway!

A fabulous group of first grade teachers are hosting an amazing back to school giveaway! We will be giving away FIVE $25 TpT gift cards for you to STOCK UP on all of your back to school essentials! :) And in case you haven’t already heard, this is just in time for the annual TpT Back to School SALE!

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How I Manage Data in the Classroom

Attempting to manage data in the classroom can be extremely stressful. I’ve been frustrated quite a few times when trying to keep everything straight. It’s hard to climb the mountain of paperwork that comes with being a teacher and it’s even more difficult to organize it! That is why I have created a “Data Snapshot” binder to house all my important info.

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