Third Grade Classroom Tour

I don’t typically have a theme, but I do pick colors that will work for years and make sure that everything I buy goes with that. This year the colors I chose were blue, red, and green. Everything I put into the room supports that color scheme!
When I got started on my classroom, this is how I started out. Everything was piled up on one side of the room. Seeing it all stacked up like this can be so overwhelming! Luckily, working on it a little bit at a time and prioritizing areas can really help get things where they need to be.
This is such a great view from my small group table. I also didn’t have any desks, I have tables and students got to choose their seats every 4-6 weeks. The low table with the cushions was a favorite!
Our classroom library is my favorite part of my classroom. I purposely put it flat against one wall and not tucked away in a corner so students would have plenty of room to browse books.
My books are split up into 2 categories with fiction books in the white bins and non-fiction in the black bins.
Each book has a label on the spine that matches the label on the bin and my name in case the books leave the classroom.
The pink basket at the bottom is books of poetry. Some of them were fiction and some where non-fiction, so I decided to put them in a different color basket. The blue bins in the middle are for the Book Hospital and Lost Books (books that students couldn’t find where to return).
My students got a kick out of the song lyrics on these posters.
This color coded section is super helpful! I had 2 classes and blue is always my homeroom class and green is my partner teacher’s class. The top bin is the turn it in bin, the middle bin is glue and other extra supplies. The bottom bin is where graded papers and other school handouts get sorted into their personal folders.
These separate bins are for their headphones. I love the addition of fake plants. So many kids asked me if they were real. :)
These table numbers are very handy. I could change them out anytime I needed to without having to reach the ceiling.
These are my students’ book boxes. At the beginning of the year they got to choose clip art that they felt represented them. This is where they kept all of their notebooks, folders, and read to self books. These stayed in my room for both classes. My partner teacher’s class only had to carry their take home folders, pencil bags, and water bottles.

I hope these pictures of my classroom helped you in some way to set up your classroom. Have a great year!