16 Teacher Memes to Make You Laugh

It’s always a huge sigh of relief when that last kid is gone on the last day of school. Time to breathe a little easier!

Hard pass.
My husband is starting to question the boxes in the recycle bin. Whoops!
Sounds like an amazing day to me!
“Hi sweetie!! Enjoying your summer? Uh-huh… Okay see you later!!”
As long as I’m home by 10pm.
Blah blah blah… Just let me set up my room already!!
Get you a teacher who can do BOTH!
Get outta here with that!
Leave me alone! I am trying to PLAN!
Yay! Reunited!
Whoops. At least I know how to fix it when I’m done!
Stop scheduling meetings!!! Ugh!
Just tell me what happened!!
There are just not enough hours in the day one school starts.