Unshakeable Book Study: Chapter 4

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Hello! Some friends and I are getting together to talk about the book Unshakeable by Angela Watson. If you haven’t already, check out Jessica’s posts over at Tales of a First Grade Teacher. She blogged about chapters 1 & 2! I also wrote my reflection for chapter 3 yesterday!

Do you ever feel like you just have SO much to do that it is impossible to figure out what to get done first? I usually feel like that at the end of each 6 weeks when I have to work on report cards and give reports for SPED/RtI. Chapter 4 is all about prioritizing tasks and keeping interruptions at a minimum. I know that I frequently will head over to my teammate’s classroom during our conference period and chat with her instead of grading or responding to parent emails. I’m a big avoider- especially if it is something I really don’t want to do! I’m also one to choose projects that I want to do instead of things I have to do- for example, I’d rather organize files any day than plot data or attend a meeting. This sometimes gets me into trouble… but HEY my room is organized! :)

A few BIG ideas from Chapter 4:

You can do anything, but you can’t do everything.

Urgent and important aren’t always the same.

When in doubt, choose the kids.

Wow, right? I think I just found my new mantra for when I’m feeling overwhelmed. Angela details exactly why and how any teacher can do these things. She also gives a lot more specific examples for what to do when you have an unexpected priority or an interruption from a colleague.

That was another thing I realized as I read this book. These strategies and tips can work for ANY teacher- from PK to high school! My sister is a high school English teacher, and I know that Angela’s advice is just as relevant to hee as it is me.

Make sure you head on over to Chrissy’s post at her blog, First Grade Found Me, to read about chapter 5 tomorrow!

5 go the extra mile for families

If you have not already, I would highly recommend purchasing Unshakeable. This post is just my opinion and reflection. Buy the book, read it for yourself, and let me know what you think!