Small Group Lesson Plans Organization & Management

I am here to tell you about how I manage my small group lesson plans. I don’t know about you, but the less notebooks/binders/lesson plans I have to keep up with throughout the day, the better. I also don’t use a typical lesson plan book. I bought a notebook from Target that had about 90 pages in it and I glued in a lesson plan template every week. That being said, I had extra room in my lesson plan book for my small group lesson plans.

First grade classroom: small group lesson plans

First grade classroom: small group lesson plans

On any given week, I have my whole group lesson plans on a 2 page spread. Then on the next 2 pages I have my small group lesson plans- all right there together & in one book that I grab and take with me when I need to. One page was language arts and the next page was math.

First grade classroom: small group lesson plans

This method was quite simple and that’s why I think it is a bright idea. Convoluted and in-depth ways of doing things just don’t work for me! I’m busy and so if it is too difficult, I probably won’t keep up with it! If you can relate to that, then this bright idea might just be for you! :)

First grade classroom: small group lesson plans

First grade classroom: small group lesson plans

(In case anyone is concerned, these are not the names of my actual students! :) )

So, if you like having all your lesson plans for the week in one convenient place, you might want to try this method! I will be doing it again this next year!

First grade classroom: Small group lesson plans

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10 thoughts on “Small Group Lesson Plans Organization & Management

  1. I love spirals so I need to do something like this. I was going to have Melissa Msell make me a custom lesson plan template once I figure out my new RtI job, but the glueing in sounds like a problem for my laziness. Do you ever think you’ll switch to having it bound? I love how your template looks btw!! :)

  2. No because I change things up WAY too much. Some weeks we might not have a tutor due to testing, and it bothers me if I’m not using every ounce of space that I can use. I’m a weirdo like that! :) I’ve many many different ways and this is what is easiest for me. Sometimes I glue and sometimes I tape. Last year I had to do 4 pages (2 for whole group and 2 for small) but this year we are team teaching so I might be able to get away with just 2, we’ll see. :)

  3. WOW! This is impressive. Better planning for my small groups is on my list for next year. And I can never seem to find a planner with columns that match the number of subjects I plan for. Sounds like a template has great potential. Thanks for sharing!

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