What I Learned in Vegas

 This was my first time going to Vegas for the TpT conference and let me tell you… as an introvert teacher, I was shaking in my boots. I don’t have any blogger friends at my school or that I know in real life, so I decided to take a huge jump OUT of my comfort zone and room with some girls I knew through Facebook and Instagram. I was super nervous. I knew the girls would be nice- but would they like me?viva-las-vegas

So I’m here today to tell you the things I learned while at the 2015 TPT
Conference in fabulous Las Vegas!
People that you’ve never met before and that live all over the country can end up being your closest friends.
The teachers that I met up with in Vegas were nothing short of amazing! We greeted each other like we had been friends for years and we had a great time! I know that the connections I made on this trip will stay with me for a long time. The bottom line is that they got me. It’s a rare thing when you meet people who you just automatically click with. You definitely have to hold on to those people tight because they will be the ones that help you grow and fly!
Me, Lisa, Amy
daliene Lisa and me


Tanesha and me Wendy and me
Scrappy Bright Numbers BW 02
There are people out there who are willing to share business strategies with their competitors- and those people are good people.
At the conference, there were sessions presented by people who were so willing to share their knowledge of what worked for them. It was so refreshing to have those people be so open and honest about sharing strategies for things from time management, marketing, creativity, and technology. The teachers attending the sessions are essentially the presenters’ competition in the TPT market, but they didn’t hesitate to share share share. Specifically, I’d like to thank Blair Turner, Ariane Huddleston, Mary Montero and Emily Liscom.
Me and Emily
Scrappy Bright Numbers BW 03
There is a lot of value in collaborating with teachers from across the country world.  
It was amazing to see 1,100 teachers from all over the world sitting together and collaborating. I could feel the energy in the rooms. It was exciting, inspiring and refreshing! I loved being able to talk to someone who knew exactly what I was talking about when I talked about a certain kid or idea. Teaching is such a lonely place, and knowing that other people could relate to what I go through really makes it seem not so lonely.
tpt map
 I don’t have to shy away from leadership for the rest of my career.
Like I said, I was WAY out of my comfort zone going to Vegas alone. It’s not that I can’t be alone, it’s that I’m really shy when it comes to talking to people I don’t know. I’m most comfortable in a small group of people that I already know. And if I have to be around people I don’t know, I usually need a buddy that I at least know. My teammate (#teacherbestie) is the outgoing one… I’m the quiet one. However, on this trip, I spent much of the time walking up to people I didn’t know and asking them questions and talking about myself. It was hard at first, and I’m sure I put my foot into my mouth a few times, but by the time I left I felt a lot more confident. It’s almost like speed dating but for teacher friends!! LOL!
One of my dreams is to eventually become a professor. I’d love to help new teachers with classroom setup and management. This has always been a secret dream because I always assumed I’m too shy to actually do it. This trip showed me that I can be outspoken and confident in what I have to say. I had an epiphany on the plane that I don’t have to shy away from pursuing my dreams.
Can I just say how good that feels? :)
firstie friends 2
It’s OK that I’m not a top seller or if not everyone recognizes my blog/store.
This one if as much for me as it is for anyone else out there. It’s really easy to compare ourselves to others. I’ve had times when I thought about quitting blogging and creating for TpT. However, I learned that it doesn’t matter if I’m not a top seller or if only a few people have ever heard of my blog. In Rachel Lynette’s keynote, she said something that really resonated with me. She said that TpT sellers were not just selling resources. She said that we were also “selling time”. Time for teachers to spend with their families. Wow, right? That almost made me cry right there. I am honored by every single person that reads this blog and every single person that has ever bought something from me. If my writing and creating helps even just 1 teacher, I’ve succeeded more than I could imagine.
I had an amazing time meeting so many new people and stepping miles outside of my comfort zone. Here are just a few more pictures from my trip! :)
go noodle roommates 2
firstie friends haley
I am linking up with the teachers at The Elementary Entourage– go check out their page to read more accounts of Vegas!

11 thoughts on “What I Learned in Vegas

  1. Oh my gosh!! I loved reading about Vegas through your eyes. I told my husband I want to go next year. Tpt opened up a whole new world for me, it is hard and time consuminh, but also extremely rewarding to know we are helping other teachers!!

  2. I loved this post! You are exactly right that people from all over can become your closest friends! :) I see SOO much leadership in you, so it breaks my heart you ever question that! Keep going girl! You got this!! :)

  3. Loved reading about Vegas. I’m an introvert too, and the thought of Vegas is exciting and scary all at once. Maybe next year I’ll have to step of my comfort zone and check it out! Great post!

    Tanya ☺

  4. I’m so glad I got to spend time with you in Vegas! It is great to hear it was the boost you needed. I think we have great things coming our way!!! #mytribebuddy :)

  5. Love your post! I’ve never been to the TpT conference yet and much of the reasons are exactly as you listed! I don’t know any other bloggers and I’m a total introvert. Maybe next year though ;) Thanks for your inspiring words. Good luck with your new dreams!

    First Grade Garden

  6. I am so glad to read this! I told my husband how bad I wanted to go to Vegas one year to meet and collaborate and learn but I knew no one to go with or even where to start to make it to Vegas one day! Love your story! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. I LOVE this post! I’m an introverted teacher, too, and it’s not always easy. I dread whole group social activities, ice breakers at workshops, and the thought of going to Vegas alone would have sent me in a panic! Way to go! Thanks so much for sharing!
    Joy :)
    Joy of Teaching

  8. Hi Cassie,

    I loved this post and admire your determination to step out of your comfort zone. I would love to go to the conference, but like you am a total introvert. I worry that I would feel like such a small fish in a big pond and self-conscious around so many awesome teacher authors.. It is wonderful though to hear that even if you don’t know many, or any as is my case, tpt’ers when you get there, that people are so kind, accepting, and welcoming. Thanks so much for your take-aways and sharing your experience. You have inspired me. Maybe I CAN do this next year. :)

  9. Great post! I’d LOVE to go to Vegas next year! As a new blogger, I’m looking for ways to find and participate in Linky parties. Any suggestions?

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