Managing Technology in the Classroom

I’m here today to talk about how I use technology in my first grade classroom. Technology these days is such an integral part of teaching! But it can also be a hassle if our management isn’t efficient and easy for our students. Here is how I set up my technology and how the students can access our classroom equipment. We have 4 iPads and 3 iPod shuffles. I set the expectations early on and my students rose to the challenge! They know exactly how to gather and put back our materials. They can reach the charging cords and they know to plug the iPads in at the end of the day.

The kids are great on the iPads, but they also caught on well with how to use the iPod shuffles. I put 1 book apiece on my iPods and then change them out every 2 weeks. The students know that if the audio starts in the middle of the story, they push the back button, and they know to turn it off when their turn is over.
On the iPads we only have a few apps because I didn’t want to spend a fortune, but luckily my school has a Tumblebooks subscription and we have an assessment program called iStation that my kids just LOVE! I also put a # as the background for each iPad, and so when my students go to iPad during Daily 5, they know which one to get. It helps me keep track of who was on which iPad in case something goes wrong.

My kids just love using technology and I love how independent they can be. I was nervous at first when I implemented the iPods for listening centers, but they really got the hang of it. It just goes to show that kids can totally rise to the occasion if you let them! :)

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What are some of your technology management tips? I’d love to hear them!

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