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Leave it to Farley to pull a non-existent blogger up from the shambles of Christmas break!! I know that I can always depend on her for at least 1 blog post each month. :) Today I’m linking up for January’s Currently! 

Listening: It’s really nice having the house to myself for a few hours. I love the family time that the holidays bring, but I still need some ‘ME’ time! :)

Loving: I went through my entire closet, tried EVERYTHING on, and if I didn’t like it, I put it in a pile to sell. It has already made my life SO much easier to know that I love everything I put back into my closet. I have a bit of a shopping problem, so I got rid of a lot of things I’ve only worn once (or never worn… don’t tell hubby!!)
A goal of mine for the future is to only buy stuff I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

Thinking: I always enjoy workdays. I love having the entire day to organize and clean and plan. The only problem is that I never get everything done because of catching up with coworkers!
Wanting: I have a few more things I need to do before the break is over. For example, in my organized new closet I need a place for my scarves. Right now they are all in a basket and I sometimes forget what I have.

I like both of these options so I might head to Lowe’s to knock this out today!!!)&utm_content=Bloglines

Needing: My lesson plan book is empty for January. I should really get on that…

Yes, Maybe, I Wish: Yes, I will continue on my fitness journey in 2015. I haven’t really changed my body much, but I think my mind has definitely changed in 2014. I made some great mental progress on my struggles with food and exercise. 2015 will only get better!
Maybe, I will make a change in my job. Who knows?!
I wish that we could buy a house in 2015. That’s a pretty lofty goal with all the debt we have, but I wouldn’t complain if it did happen!! Well, thanks for reading and you should head over to Farley’s blog to link up too! :)

4 thoughts on “Currently January

  1. Hi Cassie! I'm so excited I came across your blog! I could not agree more with all your comments! "Me" time becomes harder and harder to find on breaks. I have that scarf hanger thingy from Ikea. I love the way you tied the scarfs on it. I am going to do that today! Best of luck on buying a new house one day!

    -Katie (your newest follower!)

  2. I love work days too! Sometimes, the daily life of the teacher is so busy that my classroom gets left out. I feel so much better and connected to teaching when I've had time in my classroom. We had a workday Friday and the kids will come bright and early on Monday. I need to do a closet purge, but I'm working on my son's room first. Maybe I'll purge HIS closet!

    Primary on the Prowl

  3. Hi Cassie,
    Thanks for posting on my Blog. I thought I would pop over and say Hi Back. Congratulations on your closet purge project. I would love to go in and purge my closet but I'm afraid I would have nothing to wear. What I need is a complete do-over, especially for winter as I have very little winter clothing. So when we get these 40 degree weather days I would rather stay in my pjs at home.
    Have a great week back.
    Pauline at
    First Grade by the Sea

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