Happy New Year: A Math & Literacy Unit

Hello friends! I am here today to show you my Happy New Year: A Math & Literacy Unit for 1st Grade! :) I created this last year, but I added a ton of updates to it recently. Check out the pages below OR head over to my TPT store and download the preview that shows you EVERY page! In my TPT store you will also find a FREEBIE of this product so that you can try a few pages out before you buy!

There are 6 different writing pages that you can use with your class:
Here are some of the resolution pages (not shown here is a blank tree map so you can make your own headings for class resolutions):

Some of the literacy pages:


 There are also quite a few math pages:


Also featured in this product is a mini Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolution companion pack:



I just love this book! I think it does a great job of explaining resolutions to kids.
Look for it on Amazon here. My teammate also downloaded it for her kindle here.
Here are a few more books I have ready for my 3 day week with my students:


I hope you have found something here that you like and can use. Happy New Year and have a great week back with your students!