Back to School Paperwork Organization

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This month I am telling you everything you need to know about getting all that back to school paperwork organized.

First up, I like to print all my forms and information sheets on a different color. If you don’t have a whole lot of choices on color, just make sure you do the ones coming back to you on different colors. It’s OK if the at home forms are on the same color.

(Click any of the pics below to check out the forms in my store.)

After I’ve got everything printed and copied, I organize all the forms in a bright yellow folder.
On the front is a sticker that reminds them to return to school, and on the inside the pockets are labeled for documents to keep at home and documents to return to school.

I also like to include a little checklist so that parents know exactly what to return to school.
My favorite little project is a magnet for the fridge. I printed my contact info onto cardstock, laminated it, and put a magnet on the back. Additionally, I sometimes add a flyer with important dates for the first weeks of school. These two items go on the “Keep at Home” side of the yellow folder.

I lay these folders out on students’ desks for meet the teacher night. I had all of my paperwork nicely organized and returned within the first week of school! To check out these printable forms to see if they would be helpful in your classroom, find them in my TPT store {HERE}.


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