Monday Made-It: From Flop to Fab!

Hello friends! I don’t about you, but… I’m not the craftiest person in the world. Most of my Pinterest projects do NOT turn out like they should. And I’m ok with that… it definitely gives me something to work on. :) Maybe it’s just me, but I actually like when I see someone admit that it go so well the first time they tried something… it reminds me that I don’t have to be perfect! So today, I am going to show you how my project went from a FLOP to FAB! :)

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Well, I really wanted to make a super cute welcome back bookmark for my students. So I hit up trusty ole Pinterest to find an idea. I was then quickly over on Amanda from The Teaching Thief‘s blog because she had an adorable DIY bookmark that I just knew I HAD to try.
I went to the store, got my scrapbook paper, bought some craft glue, and set to work gluing the pages together. My laminator warmed up and the glued dried while I ate dinner.
Then, I laminated all the pages, and began cutting them out. Well, that’s where the FLOP happened. The pages came apart! I though I glued them together well enough… but apparently I did not. :(
Sad face. All my paper was ruined. I even forgot to take a picture because I was so bummed!
Back to Joann’s I go to get more scrapbook paper. I really really racked my brain for what I could do instead. I didn’t want a plain white background. Even sweet hubby sat and tried to help me figure out what I could do.
Finally, this is what I ended up doing:
I cut the 12×12 paper into 2x6in rectangles using my handy-dandy paper cutter. (For someone who can’t cut straight to save their life, this was a MUST).
Then, I printed off some labels that say “Welcome to First Grade. Take care of this bookmark all year and get a prize on the last day of first grade.” I’m not sure how I came up with putting that on the back, but I was thinking about how often my kiddos lose supplies. I really want to encourage kiddos from day 1 to be responsible with their things and I want to reward the ones that are responsible.
I laminated the bookmarks, cut them out, hole punched, and put a nice red ribbon on them.
I can’t wait to give these to my firsties at Meet the Teacher night! :)
At this point, I have NO idea what the prize will be for keeping their bookmark all year… but hey, I have a while to figure that part out, right? :)

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