Currently August, Blue Screen of Death, Firstie Friends, Sale, Classroom Sneak Peek, and California

Could I cover any more topics in this post?!
First up- Currently with Farley over at Oh Boy 4th Grade. I am always SO surprised when it comes time to do another currently! Summer just FLEW by!

Last night my computer gave me the blue screen of death. Have you ever gotten that before? It’s not fun. I might have had a mini freak out for a solid 5 minutes while hubby tried to remind me that I have Dropbox AND we have an external hard drive that I recently backed up to.
So, I went to Best Buy first thing this morning and picked out a new one. Not having a solid computer isn’t really an option– thank goodness for 12 months no interest! My old one was 3 years old (almost to the DAY- I realized this when I got out the receipt) and I know I’ll love this one for the next 3 years!
Have you heard that the Firstie Friends are doing a huge giveaway? Head over to our Facebook page and click the ‘Giveaway’ tab to enter! The winner will be announced Monday August 4th.
Also, my TPT store will be an additional 20% off during the big sale August 4th/5th. Leave all your feedback to get some credits, load up your cart, and be ready to get tons of savings on all your back to school needs!
If you are a follower of my instagram or facebook accounts, you’ve already seen my sneak peek! Oh my goodness I am sooo loving my colors and the feel of my whole room this year! I can’t wait to show you the WHOLE THING after I get back from California!
I’ll be driving to California from Texas on August 5th with my sister in law. We should get to San Diego on Thursday, and then I fly home Tuesday the 12th. That leaves me 6 days to finish my room before I have to report back for trainings! Ahh!!

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  1. I know how you feel when it comes to computer crashes. A couple years ago, I had power fluxes take one of mine down and they couldn't fix it. Thankfully I had a replacement warranty and they gave me a brand new one! Wish I had a little longer before starting! We go back Thursday to meet parents and have our orientation!

    Ms. Julie aka Southern Teacher

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