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  1. I used to have classroom jobs. Being departmentalized posed some problems with this area. Now, I just ask students who would like to do _________? and make sure that everyone gets an opportunity who wants one.


  2. LOTS! The more responsibility THEY have the more they want to be responsible! I have Homework Helpers, Tech Teachers, Messenger, Clean up Crew, Excuser, Flag, Line Leader, Door Holder, Electric Tech, … The more the merrier! Wendy 1stgradefireworks

  3. I also did a method/process for job charts! I love the library pocket square! What a great and colorful idea!
    We have Line Leader, Door Holder, Teacher's Helper, Chair Monitor, Light Flicker, Green Guy (making sure electronics are off at end of the day), Messenger, and Weather Reporter!

    First Grade Nest

  4. I love classroom jobs. I have cards that I velcro kids names to. I have 18 job cards and four "break" cards. So my kids all have their name on something each week, but every 4-5 weeks they have a holiday from jobs. We have fairly standard ones like line leader, door monitor, light monitor, librarian, soap monitor, etc.

    Luck's Little Learners

  5. I love your idea of using the little pockets. Cute colors as well! Classroom jobs have been a lifesaver in my classroom. I have tried to develop a job for every kiddo in my class. Some include the following: line leader, door holder, computer boss, room inspector, desk detective, librarian, substitute, vacation, Smartboard sheriff, ticket accountant, etc.

    3 Teacher Chicks

  6. I guess I am in the minority…I could never make classroom jobs work for me. I have a person of the day, two helpers and a caboose. It rotates daily based on class numbers. I do assign other jobs occasionally based on student needs or abilities.

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