Firstie Friends Product Swap

A bunch of my best blogging friends and I recently got together for a fabulous product swap! It was my first time organizing a swap so at first I was a little clueless but soon realized how easy and fun this was! Double score :)


The first friend I got paired up with was Kristy from The Phonics Phenomenon. I chose to review her Double Vowels Game “Feed Me”. My kids ATE this game UP! They really enjoyed playing it and I really enjoyed the fluency practice they were getting in. We played this as a warm up for my small group time earlier in the week and I then let them play it in small groups on their own when we had extra time. I really liked all the different vowel teams she included. You can include as little or as many as you want, depending on if you are introducing or reviewing.
The monster themed clip art on the cards really had my kids interested and they were loving when the “Feed Me” cards came up! I appreciated that Kristy had both color and black and white options for printing. As you can see, I chose to do black and white on bright colored cardstock. Maybe for a project I’ll make a monster box that the kids have to put the FEED ME cards into :)

Click here to go check out Kristy’s store on TpT.

A First Grade Teacher
My second friend was Allison from A First Grade Teacher. With a poetry unit coming up, I really wanted her April Poetry Pack. Let me be honest, I’m a little bit out of my league with poetry and first graders. I know how much fun and beneficial it is, but I think I just never know where to start. This product was useful for me because I was able to choose a poem that was short and simple to introduce, and then I gradually had my students reading and illustrating the more difficult poems on their own. These poems helped build their fluency and their confidence!
My favorite thing about this product was the different levels of poems included. The short poems would have been too easy for my higher kids and the longer poems would have been way too difficult for my strugglers. The variety of poems allowed everyone to get a poem that was just right for them! :)

Click here to go to Allison’s TpT store.

But wait… there’s more! Some of us decided that we wanted to GIVE AWAY the products that we swapped! One lucky winner will get ALL of the products you see below.
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5 thoughts on “Firstie Friends Product Swap

  1. I have Feed Me! :) Woot! Woot! :) That game is so much fun! :) So glad your littles got an opportunity to use them as well! :) Wasn't this swap link up so much fun! :) I've learned about so many great new products! :) I know what I'll be doing during the back to school sale! ;) Stocking up on all these goodies! :)
    Thanks for organizing this! :) I had a blast!!!

  2. Such a score! Firsties always NEED extra practice with long vowels and fluency. These two units look fun for the kids. I love the variety of poems too:) Thanks for organizing this AMAZING product swap:)


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