100th Day of School and Penguins Recap

We haven’t had many snow days this year, so our 100th day of school was February 7th. Here are a few pictures of the activities we did! Since it was on a Friday, I actually didn’t have a ton of time due to library and spelling tests. However, the kids loved what we did get to do!
 100th Day Snack with 10 of 10 different items
Teddy Grahams, Gummy Bears, Marshmallows, Chocolate Chips, Cheerios, Raisins, Goldfish, Skittles, Fruit Loops and Pretzel Sticks
100 tallies game
Roll 2 die, find the sum, and then tally next to the sum

100th Day writing and craft

He looks like a grumpy old man!! :)

I love the old lady shirt.
We’ve also been learning about penguins for the last 2 weeks. We did a lot of NF book reading, Pebble Go watching, thinking map creating, and science journal writing. My students just loved learning all about the different penguins.

To culminate our learning, I had my students write what they learned. I was SO proud! After they wrote it all out, we typed up what they wrote exactly and they illustrated it. I love the way these turned out!
We also made some silly shaped penguins inspired by Classroom Freebies. My firsties thought this was the coolest thing!
Our hallway for the next week or 2. :)
 Here is a funny Valentine card I found on Etsy. Hubby thought it was hilarious!!
Click the pic to go to the card on Etsy!