Classroom Schedule Linky Party

I have been out of the loop for a while because I have been so busy getting back into the swing of things and I’ve been really focusing on eating healthy and going to the gym. Top that off with having family in from out of town and there was NO time for blogging!
But I am back today and I am linking up with Amelia at Where the Wild Things Learn to show you my classroom schedule.

I feel like my schedule is pretty self-explanatory. I teach 1 group of first graders and so this schedule can actually vary from day to day. If I’m behind in Math then I’ll spend more time in Math on that particular day or if I need to really hit something hard in Reading then I’ll spend more time there.
I think my favorite thing about my schedule is the time I have for small groups. I absolutely love teaching in small groups rather than whole group. I just feel like the kids learn better and they are much more engaged at my kidney table than they are on the carpet or at their desks.
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We also have computer lab on Mondays and library on Fridays. My Friday schedule actually doesn’t look anything like it does above because we have author’s chair, spelling tests and Fun Friday on Fridays.
Thanks for reading! :)