Christmas Gifts for Students

I definitely don’t think any teacher HAS to get their students any sort of gift. I think it is 100% an individual decision. There have been some years where I just could NOT do one more thing, and some years (like this year) I felt like I had the time & energy to make it happen.

I also want to say that I know that every single one of my students celebrates Christmas specifically. It is something I made sure of before making a Christmas themed gift for them.
If my students did not all celebrate Christmas, I would definitely come up with a non-Christmas related gift.
I’m linking up with Stephanie at Third Grade Thoughts to show you my kiddos’ Christmas gifts from me.

Here are all of my dollar store supplies: pencil, eraser, pencil tops, stencil, notepad, peppermints, and a kazoo! (That kazoo will probably not be appreciated by their parents! Whoops!)

All of this stuff came from the dollar store, so I spent a total of $13ish on all of these items.


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