Five For Sunday

So I’m a little late for Five for Friday! Whoops! I didn’t want to post twice yesterday! :)

I love my team! We always pull together and take care of each other when we need to. There is 5 of us on the team (4 women, 1 man) but this is a picture of just 3 of us. We are wearing our cute first grade t-shirts. Peace, love, and first grade! :)
We went to the state fair and it was so much fun! The Texas State Fair is so much fun. That’s a picture of my sweet niece passed out in the stroller and then a picture of a Fried Cuban Roll, the winner for the best tasting item this year. It was so tasty!
That cute niece up there and I share a birthday (Nov. 3!) so I’ve been doing some shopping for her. This is just one of the precious items I got for her. I totally wish they made these owl PJ’s in my size!
 I am getting into a great routine for my calendar time. I used to loathe doing calendar because I just wasn’t diggin’ what I was doing. I’ve been doing lots of searching and googling, I’m really starting to figure it all out. Here is just a quick pic of my kiddos practicing making time. They loved it!
I can’t have a post without my sweet pups! We found out recently that our female, Molly (the gray one) is a Lacy- which is actually the state dog of Texas. Pretty cool! :)
This isn’t part of my 5 for Friday Sunday, but does anyone else watch Sister Wives? I’m totally addicted to it! There is just something about reality TV that sucks me in and makes me want to watch all 5 seasons of something in a weekend!