Sunday Smorgasbord

Well, this is what I’m currently working with in my classroom. It’s just about time to get set up and it’s going to be TOUGH!
I’ve been doing quite a bit at home under the AC, so going up in the heat is not high on my priority list!
My aunt recently made a frame for us to use when we take family pictures at holidays and birthdays and such. We got together last night and here is me and hubby being silly! :)
My babies! (excuse the messy bed… they think it’s their wrestling ring!)
Here is my to do list. Nothing crossed off yet but I’m working on a few things that you might see tomorrow for Monday Made It! What’s on your to-do list?!
Speaking of heat…. my friend Heather invited me to go to a Rangers game this week. Did I mention it was a 1pm game? Oh man… it was so hot! The sweat was d.r.i.p.p.i.n.g! We played the Yankees, and sadly we lost 2-0! It was a fun game though. I got a Lemon Chill to help cool me off and it was yummm!
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3 thoughts on “Sunday Smorgasbord

  1. Found you and I'm YOUR newest follower! :)

    You and your hubs are too cute together! I am in the same boat with my classroom..feel your pain there! Oh and love your to do list! I have one too that's about 5 pages long! Doesn't it feel good to cross things off?

    Can't wait to see how your classroom turns out!

    Talk to you soon!


    First Grade Fancies

  2. By the way..are you on Bloglovin'? I followed you through google directly from your page, but wanted to follow you on Bloglovin' too if you were registered!

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