Student Information Sheets

I’ve seen a lot of pins on Pinterest and gotten a few emails about my student info setup for the beginning of the year. My school does a super fun “Sneak a Peek” the Thursday before school starts, and so this is what was on each student’s desk when they came to check it out.

I had a goodie bag which contained a bottle of bubbles with a fun label (“First Grade is Bubbling With Excitement”), a “First Graders are Awesome” pencil, and an eraser.
There was also a “Meet the Teacher” info sheet that told my kiddos and their families about myself- things like where I went to school, why I teach, about my family, and how long I’ve been teaching. It also included a picture of my fur-baby and a list of all my fave things (color, food, drink, sport, candy etc.). I’m not including this for download because it contains personal info about myself.
I had a blank sentence strip for the students to write their names while they were checking things out. I did that for 2 reasons- the first was to see what name they really prefer to go by, and the second being so that I could assess their writing- upper/lowercase letters, spacing, size.
Lastly, there was a student info sheet for the parents to take home and fill out about their child.
This product has since been updated. Click the new cover below to view the handouts in my TpT store!