First Grade Classroom Tour

I took these pictures yesterday after I left school at 7:45pm. I tried to post last night but I was so exhausted I fell asleep with my computer in my lap and my hands on the keyboard! Luckily I woke up and decided to put it away and post a day late instead. I knew my bloggy friends would understand! :)

Lunch Choice/Attendance

Work on Writing Center (I lowered my tables in this area for the first time
this year and I am SO excited!)
Focus Board

I’ve never done one of these before so I am very excited to see how it will go throughout the year!
The posters are only there for Sneak a Peek tonight and then I’ll take them down.

Reading Area and Birthday Balloons

Word Wall
Teacher Area
Promethean Board and Glider/Easel
Check out that awesome platform for the kids to stand on! My sweet hubs built that for me :)
Front Board

{learn more here}

 Jungle Jobs/Reminders by the door for the end of the day
Student desks all ready for Sneak a Peek!

Close up- Student info sheet, Meet the Teacher page, and a goody bag. Inside the bag is a pencil, a star eraser, and bubbles with a note that says “First Grade is bubbling with excitement!”

Click here to get my Student Info Sheets with my Meet the Teacher Pack.
And click here to purchase my Goodie Bag Pack from 2013.
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9 thoughts on “First Grade Classroom Tour

  1. Me gusta mucho el método de aprendizaje de la educación a este niño child.By método realmente disfrutar de la educación. Ellos pueden aprender educación con mayor facilidad.

  2. Hey, I think your reading area is amazing!!! I could imagine children really wanting to read in there. As a trainee teacher you have given me inspiration to make an area as engaging as yours, in my classroom when I graduate next year!

    I really like your blog- Cant wait for more posts.
    Hope you can hop along to mine too :)
    All the best,


  3. I like your first day of school idea. Will you share a copy of the student info sheet and your meet the teacher page? Thank you!

  4. Love the Meet the Teacher pack! I'm a student teacher and I think this would be great to use for my next teaching practice. Just wondering if the links for this are still up as I can't get them to work?

  5. I love your Word Wall! Would you mind sharing with me how you put it together? I know there is construction paper and lamination involved, but not sure how you connected it all.

    Thank you!!!!

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