Bats, Owls, and Birds… Oh My! (Freebie)

So right now we are learning all about Bats, Birds, and Owls. We are comparing Bats to Birds and then more specifically Bats to Owls and we are doing a lot of great thinking. I wanted to share some of our Thinking Maps that we are working on and also some of our fun crafts.
First, we read Stellaluna and then did a Bats/Birds Double Bubble map.

 The next day I read Stellaluna again and we made a story map altogether.
For a fun activity we traced bats and wrote elements of the story on the bats in white crayon.
On Monday we will read some Bat fact books and made a tree map.
Here is an owl tree map we will complete before we do our Bats and Owls Double Bubble to wrap up the week.
Bats/Owls Double Bubble
We will finish up by doing a super cute owl craft that I don’t yet have a picture of! :)
This is my absolute favorite time of year- I love the theme of owls and bats and Halloween books!
What is your favorite “theme” to teach each year?

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