More Fun Finds and New Library Pics

FINALLY the Target by me got some school stuff! :) I was so excited! I’m sure other people have already posted about all the stuff I got, but I want to tell you about it just in case they didn’t- so you can be on the lookout too!

 Bins I will use for math manipulatives. I’m just going to put counters/bears/cubes/etc in the bins and put small cups with them so they can just scoop some for whatever they need. No more wasted time putting stuff back into baggies! Just scoop and dump back into the bin!

Magnetic hooks for pocket charts. Even if the hooks don’t work very well, I couldn’t resist 4 colorful magnets for $1!
Math and Alphabet Bingo
A weekly notepad. (this is probably my favorite thing I found- just because it helps me to stay organized!)
Lined dry erase boards and sentences strips

Found these at Party Warehouse for $2.50. I plan on just using them as another reward/incentive. I will just tell a kiddo who is being a super star that they can wear a pair out to recess. I figured they would think it is cool!

And here is my new library set-up with my Book Bin Labels.

I hope your Target has some great stuff trickling in!


3 thoughts on “More Fun Finds and New Library Pics

  1. I always find it funny how every Target has different things. I also find it funny how each of us has different favorites. My husband has finally put his foot down and banned me from the dollar spot at Target for a month (which will be right around the time I go back to work). lol I guess 5 separate trips to 3 Targets and enough stuff to supply a small teacher store was the final straw. Looks like you got some great stuff.

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